Jobs that Communication Majors Should Consider

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The field of communications is very broad. With a communications degree you can earn a career as a public relations specialist, journalist, editor, author, marketer, advertiser, technical writer, media analyst, broadcaster and many more. Communications jobs are exciting and fast-paced, but what communications jobs are growing quicker than others in the US? After answering the question “is a communication degree right for you?”  you will have to answer the question “what should my focus be?” Some growing jobs for communication majors are listed below, but the field of communication is constantly changing and the market is always shifting. There are many options for communication majors and opportunities will continue to expand as new technology is introduced. International students should find a concentration that highlights the skills they have developed and incorporates the environment they will best thrive in.

Public Relations Specialist

Shaping the image of a company is the main focus of a public relations specialist. As a public relations specialist, you may be responsible for writing press releases, highlighting a company’s services, engaging media inquiries and other tasks related to upholding an organization’s image. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this career is expected to grow and the average salary for a public relations specialist is approximately $50,000. This career can be stressful and fast-paced, but can also be very rewarding to those who devote their energy to  the good of their company.

Social Media Expert

This career is an example of the many recently added options for communication majors. Now that social media is apparent in almost every aspect of our lives, social media experts are needed in this field.  Companies who have noticed the power of social media are often unaware of how to effectively employ social media sites to the company’s advantage. Because of this, young college graduates with a degree in communications are hired to handle Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest and more, updating posts, sharing information, networking and marketing with the use of social media.

Advertising Manager

Advertising managers brainstorm campaign ideas, develop advertisements, manage advertising specialists and develop a company’s sale materials amongst many other responsibilities. If becoming an advertising managers sounds exciting but you’re wondering about the income- it might surprise you to discover many can make approximately $70,000 with just a bachelor’s degree. Like the other careers, this career is expected to grow through the years and is continuously becoming more competitive.

Since some of the fastest growing jobs for communication majors are very competitive, landing a job in the field will be determined by your drive and flexibility. There are many more options for communication majors and job availability and growth is variable. Be aware of the job market and the skills you will need to thrive in the career you want.

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