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It’s important to put the work into your resume or curriculum vitae (also known as a CV) when applying for a job as this is what will land you the interview – and get your foot in the door. The hiring company will not only want to know that you are a qualified candidate, but that you will excel in the role and be a good fit for the position.

The InternationalStudent.com Resume Writing Center provides you with all the resources you will need to write the perfect resume, CV, and cover letter. With sample resumes, resume writing tips and help on writing a resume cover letter, all the information is contained here.

For international students it can be very hard to know what to include, what not to include, how to follow up interviews with letters….the list is endless. We have compiled all the information you need to know so that you can construct the perfect resume!

Please visit each section below for more information about your application:

  1. Writing Tips
  2. Power Word Lists
  3. Keywords on Resumes
  4. Cover Letter Guide
  5. Cover Letter Design
  6. Follow up tips
  7. Resume Samples
  8. Common Resume Mistakes

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