Science Ambassador Scholarship for Women in STEM fields in USA, 2017/2018 – Apply Now


Description: Comedy card game Cards Against Humanity has announced that applications are now open for their Science Ambassador Scholarship, a full ride scholarship for women studying science, technology, engineering, or math. The recipient of the award will receive full tuition coverage for up to four years.


Course Level: Undergraduate

Fields of Study: All fields within science, technology, engineering, and math are eligible. For a full list of STEM fields, click here. STEM must be your major field of study (not minor).

Value of Scholarship Award: The winner of the Science Ambassador Scholarship will receive full tuition coverage for up to four years.

Eligibility Status: The Science Ambassador Scholarship is only open to undergraduate students and high school students at this time.

The ideal candidate

  • must be in college in fall of 2017 to be eligible. The videos will be reviewed by a board of sixty women who hold higher degrees and work professionally in science and engineering.
  • plans to attend college in the United States.
  • can talk about any scientific topic they find exciting. Remember to deliver a mini lecture, not a personal statement.

Ten video finalists will move onto the next round and submit additional materials.

Number of Awardees: 1

Eligible Countries: All

Scholarship to be taken at (country): USA

 How to Apply: The ideal candidate will be an ambassador for their field. We’re looking for someone passionate about discovery who shares their excitement with others.

To apply, submit a three–minute video of yourself explaining a topic in science you are passionate about.

  • Deliver a mini lecture, not a personal statement, as if you are teaching or lecturing an audience.
  • Don’t spend lots of time introducing yourself—just jump right into your topic.
  • Your video should be three minutes, no longer.
  • You can discuss any topic in science you like, not necessarily your field of study.
  • Upload the video to YouTube, and make sure the video is set to public.

Apply here


Application Deadline: 11th December, 2016 at midnight central time.

Award Provider: Scholarship funds will be provided from Cards Against Humanity’s Science Pack—a 30–card expansion pack co–authored with Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal’sZach Weinersmith and Bad Astronomy’s Phil Plait.


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