Busted : Sean Tizzle Set To Commit Fraud Using Benue Flood

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Nigerian Singer and father of one, Sean Tizzle made it looked like he genuinely care about the plight of the people in Benue when he posted on social media that for every retweet his message for the people of Benue got ; he will pay ten naira to flood the victims.
Like a joke vulnerable folks started retweeting the message but we felt funny about this; why will you base your contribution for a natural disaster on how people response to you on social media?The answer to the question above made sense of what Sean Tizzle is trying to do. Remember a month  ago seun Tizzle openly begged instagram,  a certain social media platform to please verify him.

See evidence Bellow


Now Seaun declaration based on the above evidence appear to us as nothing short of a scam scheme for him to take advantage of the plight of the people in Benue State to increase his followers on social media . Because if he really feels for those people he would have boarded a plane at once to Benue with relief material not to wait for social media retweets



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