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Why Do Men Hide Their Wedding Rings?

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I have asked this same question times without number, yet nobody is giving me the answer that would soothe my curiosity. A recent encounter has forced me to raise the topic again. Story….story for you.

A friend’s husband have this habit of not wearing his wedding band. I can’t still tell why! But it got to a point, I concluded may be he often forgets the ring on the dressing table or inside jewelry box or somewhere out of site, before stepping out of the house. Well, its not as I had thought. Bayo (not real name) purposely don’t wear his wedding ring after his ‘I do’ promise on the altar.

As a concerned friend, I had argued with him on why he does not wear his RING, but he couldn’t even defend him reasons.

The most painful part is that his angelic wife, never go out without hers because she’s so proud of her man and Their sacred union. Now over to you my people, especially the men.

Let them help our curiosity on why they don’t like wearing their wedding RINGs?

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