Husband Accused Wife Of Sabotaging His Affair With Landlady’s Daughter

A Lagos houswife, Lawal Balikis, has been accused by her commercial motorcyclist husband, of destroying his affair with their landlady’ daughter. This has forced the woman to live their home.

Balikis has gone to a Customary Court to dissolve her seven-year-old marriage to her husband, Aliu, on account of adultery and physical abuse.

She said that before she moved out, everything was fine. “We moved into a new apartment. Then one day, I was surprised when my husband decided that we had to move back to our former compound. I once stood in as guarantor for our landlady’s daughter when she obtained a loan.

But when I told my husband about it he warned me against the idea and I backed out. That was when the trouble started. Her attitude changed towards me completely to the point she threatened to beat me up.”

However, her husband didn’t intervene and his attitude also changed towards her “ I gave birth shortly after and he didn’t come to visit me in the hospital until the day of the naming ceremony which took place at the house.”

According to her, he started beating her frequently for no reason. “He accused me of coming between him and the landlady’s daughter.
This made me leave the house but my children were forcibly taken away from me,” she said.

The husband denied all the allegations.


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